Monday, 31 August 2015


My first selfportrait in months!
This was my first sunday with absolutely no plans whatsoever. I was out partying last night, and on my walk home I started thinking about the next day as I always do, going through every plan and how to do them and when. And I realised I had nothing to do! Not even a plan to hang out with anyone. I could sleep as long as I wanted, do whatever I wanted, hell I could even lie in bed all day if I felt like it! So today was the first day in way too long that I felt relaxed enough to do selfportraits (I'm really lazy so for me to bother getting the camera up to take selfies on some freetime, I ought to be pret-ty damn bored).
I'm really trying to get the editing without total blacks or whites, but just the middle-tones you know (such a bad sentence, yes I see it myself). It's a lot harder than what it looks like, finding the balance between no blacks/whites and still not getting a faded kind of picture. Oh yeah and also finding the right balance of color to make it natural, but still pop out and look just a tad bit "magical". The struggles of a photographer you guys!

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