Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Tokyo pt.1

It's been a week since I got home from Tokyo and I miss it so much. This trip was amazing, even though we didn't really do that much japaneese-crazy-stuff. There was the wedding to get fixed and attend the first week and the second week was all about daily stuff which I enjoyed almost too much, making me want to stay there forever (I say it again, if it wasn't for the language!). 
I'll post pictures from the wedding later, I just have to edit them (they're on the big camera, so it takes a little better editing than with these small ones from the Fujifilm). But here are pictures from mostly week two, where we went a lot to karaoke and we ate a lot of great food and drank good drinks. I didn't have that much money for shopping, but that was okay anyway. 
The one badside was that we didn't manage to go to my favourite bar of all times, the New York Bar where lost in translation was filmed, which is on the 68th floor or something, with the craziest view. We got up and they told us it was a crazy-long queue (April is the big tourist-month because of the trees you know) so we just left. Fortunately I managed to get some photos of the view first! I love it so much, my number one tip if you ever are planning on going to Tokyo!

Oh, this trip was so good for me. I was so anxious before I left since all I felt I needed was a break and to relax. But this trip gave me so much energy without me having to lay down and surrender to recharge. The perfect get-away!

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