Sunday, 15 February 2015

Homepage 2.0

This weekend I've been working on a remake of my homepage - making it possible for all you crazy kids with your new hip smartphones to surf the web and accidentally end up at my website without having to "download the newest flashplayer" to watch - which let's face it all iphone-users, only means you can't see this page, period.
So the mix of wanting iphone-users to see me, and me wanting to remove about 80% of the page (I made the page in 2011, using about three whole days without breaks, so you could say it's my baby and therefor hard for me to delete), I decided the best thing to do, is to just start anew.

I can't just yet shout out "and here it is ladies and gentlemen! Indulge in the latest trend of 'em all - screw Kanye and his bitchslaps to the world not being trendy enough and trying to make his baby crying on his show to have some kind of deeper meening behind! This is it!" just yet, cause I still have some perfectionist-improvements to do (like: should that picture be 0,2cm more to the left or maybe I should go all wild and just put it outside of the golden composition - oh who am I kidding, I can't stand anything not being in Pi!).
Okay so I totally fell off my train of thoughts there, but the point to it all was, I'm not quite done with the page just yet, but I am done with the profile pictures I took for the "about me"-section. I figured I didn't have a decent picture of me and used all yesterday afternoon on pampering and making myself pretty for the camera. And I of course ended up doing something wibbly wobbly in photoshop, cause or else I would get superbored of them in two minutes - which actually was the case, since I originally thought of having them all plain, but I fell asleep. Literally.

So stay tuned! A new webpage will arrive shortly!

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