Monday, 5 January 2015


I know it's a tedious thing that everybody do and nobody hold, but it's one of those things I really love doing since it gives me hope and appreciation for the little things and especially for my own growth.
So here goes - the new year resolution-list for 2015:

The obvious ones and the boring ones are at the top, just sort of an obligation to the list no matter which year it is:
-Lose weight
-Save up money
-Get better at cooking and making food from scratch

But the more interesting ones are the ones next. Cause I'm in a very rare position where I'm certain in my choice. It's strange, I can talk about things over and over and know it will happen but still know deep down that now is not the time and it's all just cheap talk for the time being. But all of a sudden something clicks. I can't completely describe it, can't put my finger on why or what's changed. But it just has and all of a sudden my path is the clearest thing I've ever seen. It is inevitable and the only direction to go.

-Move to London (almost putting a heart behind this one since it's been my big dream since the age of seven)

And this one is for my professional photography career. It's always necessary to always keep on pushing yourself and never truly be content with what you're making. Don't get me wrong, you most of all need to love your own work and know that you do the right things. But I am never truly satisfied, which also keeps me going forward in making new stuff that will make me grow. So

-Take more pictures that shows a scenery. No more portraits-only!

Actually a really important one, the last year has been painfully dull, it's actually nothing other than portraits. Though it's been fun and I really feel I've learned a whole lot about working intimate with a model, getting the right expressions and so (maybe this year was somewhat crucial?), but now it's time for me to get out of the routine and into something new.

 My ultimate cute-girl-with-a-thight-body: Jessica Alba in Honey

 This is what I want. This street right here.

 Food from scratch - food from scratch!

 This is art.

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