Sunday, 14 December 2014

Edinburgh & London

It is kinda funny and sorta strange, because in my 2014-list of things I were supposed to do within the year, one of the points were "travel to a new country you've never been in". And this year I've experienced three. I am so thankfull for what this year has given me, so much experience - so many feelings I didn't even know I possesed.
My last trip for 2014 went to two places - first Scotland and Edinburgh, where I visited Charlotte - and two days later we took the train down to London, were we had a long weekend doing every tourist-thing we could think of (I've already been there like a gazillion times, so it was mostly for Charlotte).
Well anyway, here are the pictures from the trip. Such a great one, it was just perfect!

And since my camera went out of batteries a bit quicker than to what I care of (am gonna send it in to reparation, it just can't be right that I bought the most expensive camera in it's genre and the battery lasts for one night) - here is most of the trip from my phone and my big addiction "VSCO-cam", the best picture-editpor in the world (for phones that is).

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