Monday, 1 September 2014


I'm doing this crazy thing these days. It's so crazy and so simple I cry when it's done.
This crazy little thing is - and yes I do get I sound like Nike when saying this: I just do it!

 I see something and I make it. I want a certain photography job or photoshoot, I do the call that is needed. And it's huge for me, cause up until now it's been something I've been dead serious scared of doing. I mean, last week I called up an agency that has photographers shooting Kate Moss and asked if they wanted to see little naive, young and rookie me. Never ever would I imagine myself doing it. And maybe that is what is needed. Forget all those stupid thoughts about what could go wrong and just press that dial-button. It all ends positive in some way anyway. 

And also I'm going crazy on the DIY-part of Pinterest, oh my god. It would have been embarrasing if I had any shame.

Here are some pictures I've saved in a folder called "word". Cause that's what I'm thinking when I see them.

Oh and this just cause it's funny cause it's true haha

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