Saturday, 5 April 2014


Another preview of what's going on these days. Have so much going on, I'm so excited for the future! 
Collaborations, work - doing stuff I already see myself grow a thousand times on. This feeling is priceless; I might not "be there" just yet, but you know what, I am in no rush no longer. That is why I love reading Vogue. Cause absolutely every photographer portraid in the magazine are never under the age of type thirty. And that calms me so incredibly down, cause I am only twentyfour, I still have many years to develop and climb my way up. And though I may not earn that much money on what I'm doing these days, I certainly can feel my beginning on a climb. Just the feeling of doing something and seeing my own growth into the fashion industry makes it all worth it.

I should start writing ideas and collaborations down, it's starting to get pretty messy. I love it.

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