Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Blood & Champagne

So I'm frequently at this tumblr called Blood&Champagne, and it's all about interior. And since I'm getting older by the minute (and really feelin' it, twentyfour looks like being the year you start feeling the old-gene kick in), it is one of my favourite things to do; checking out interior-blogs and figuring out how my future apartment will look like (Yeah. Apartment. I'm not much of a house-gal).

Seriously though, that bathroom scene is THIGHT! I have already checked out the prices for me doing it, even though I'm not even started on the savings for the actual apartment. It's gonna be pricey, but hotdarn dingaling, it sure looks like a place I will cry of sheer happiness for being in. Yeah. That's right. Oh and also, do sooo want to have a brick wall in my future livingroom. I first saw it in P.s. I love you (the movie, dumb dumb) and it was love at first sight. Sigh.
So I better start werkin' it and savin' up sum douh. Cuz imma needa whole lotta ca$h fo this mofo.
I'm out (and don't know why I started on that G-talk).


Another preview of what's going on these days. Have so much going on, I'm so excited for the future! 
Collaborations, work - doing stuff I already see myself grow a thousand times on. This feeling is priceless; I might not "be there" just yet, but you know what, I am in no rush no longer. That is why I love reading Vogue. Cause absolutely every photographer portraid in the magazine are never under the age of type thirty. And that calms me so incredibly down, cause I am only twentyfour, I still have many years to develop and climb my way up. And though I may not earn that much money on what I'm doing these days, I certainly can feel my beginning on a climb. Just the feeling of doing something and seeing my own growth into the fashion industry makes it all worth it.

I should start writing ideas and collaborations down, it's starting to get pretty messy. I love it.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Camilla K.

A picture from a job I'm doing these days. Shot with my analogue.