Monday, 27 January 2014

Some days the best thing to do is just to do the best things

On saturday me and my friends gathered for some food and whine. And since I totally forgot to buy food-stuff and such, I figured to bring the party some alternatives. So of course I dragged with me the whole wig-collection and my cameras. So here are the saturday in pictures. What a perfect evening/night/next-morning!

The boys relaxing on the air-matress

 Us being totally pretty

 I absolutely love the smile on Linn!

It's like I somehow ended up in the 70's haha

 Haha I find this picture hilarious. It's like I can smell the satisfaction on Gustav being full from all the food and drunk

And the day after, Linn cut the hair on me and Gustav! 
I am so happy - hello again bangs, I have SO missed you!!

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