Friday, 27 December 2013


So okay, as you might have understood, I am now in Tokyo. My friend Siril is living here and couldn't go home to Norway for christmas, so I decided to go to her so she wouldn't be all alone. It is christmas after all!
The whole christmas-feel is very much indeed not present here, but that is a given, I mean they aren't christian in Japan, so it would be strange otherwise. But they do sort of celebrate christmas, but only in the same way they celebrate Halloween etc. It's more about santa and dressing up and on christmas eve it is the big date-night (instead of the big family-night that we have in Norway). So my christmas-spirit are so not here. 
But the fact that I am in goddamn Tokyo kind of wipes it all out, I'm not sad or anything because there is so much to see and experience and do. I mean, seriously, this city is crazy - on christmas eve we went to a "ladies-being-men-bar". Where every bartender is a woman who's doing or have done a transgender change so they're men. Very interesting but at the same time totally cray to do on christmas eve you know. Ho ho ho.
Well anyway, the pictures are from yesterday, when we went to the hotel-bare where they shot Lost in Translation - my favourite movie of all time (after star wars ofc). The bar is located in the 54th floor on one of the highest buildings, and the hotel is seriously the classiest thing I've ever seen. It was luxury all the way, and everyone being there were rich and fabulous. I felt kindof wrong walking around in DocMartens and a leopard coat. But the awkwardness and (seriously extremely) expensive drinks and tablecharge really really paid off, cause the feel of the bar and the view was amazing! This was so far the best thing I've done here. Just look at the view! Amazing.

Well anyway today is our day off, so I'll watch some christmas-movies all right. Try to get some christmas into my veins you know.


The day before my takeoff to Tokyo, I took some photos of my co-worker Patrik, who so totally got the zazazu that's needed to be a professional model. He even have gotten ceveral offers from model-agency-hunters who've seen him! Ceveral, you guys. But no wonder, not only is he good looking, but he's so goddamn happy and charming all the time! So it's not so strange really.

Well anyway, I managed to get him in my livingroom, and in front of the camera. I photoshoped the result on the plain to Tokyo, and felt so proud that these pictures were mine.
I am so taking more pictures of this guy!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

I have so much to show and tell that I don't manage to say a thing. This is crazy. I am not feeling christmas at all, but seriously. Whatever. I goddamn am in Tokyo and this is crazy.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Channeling that inner 90's rnb of yours is easy if you just feel the Bug A Boo

Listening to Aaliyah and Destiny's Child and TLC and Lauryn Hill and thinking "but how can I be in bad shape tomorrow morning when I'm in such a good shape right now?" and am up 'till two am when the alarm will ring in four hours. Genious.
Will most definitely raise my fist in the air and curse myself in some small amount of hours.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Two of the photos I did yesterday with the gorgeous model Arve. Everything is done solely on analogue (which also is the reason for a slight unfocused touch over them. But my reason is legit I promise! The seeker is totally whack and rattling around loose inside the camera, so I had to literally measure the length between the model and the camera cause I couldn't rely on what I saw. Cray-cray!)
I am so goddamn in love with analogue, it is insane.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Maybe he is the reason Maybe so

Blue sunday coming on strong right now, don't feel like feeling anything. Maybe that is how it should be some days, making me long for my book which I paint so much emotions in, forgetting so often cause I don't have time to sit down and drown in myself. I am supposed to have people come over tomorrow but can't stand the thought of anyone coming over at all. Just want to be alone with someone that just want to hold me and stroke their fingers through my hair while I'm lying on their lap. But then again, that is what I did last sunday.