Thursday, 21 November 2013

The last month in analogue wrapping

So it's started becoming a thing. Me bringing the analogue camera with me wherever I go. It is so darn light and easy to get up. And none of that "let me delete this picture"-crap and also the look of them ends up fantastic without me having to do anything in photoshop for hours. So win win!

So here is the last month of partying for me and my friends in Oslo:
├ůsta with a great flashy boa

One day I met up with loads of friends from my school! So fun, I miss them so much.

One saturday we had a Halloween-party

Emilia came as one half of "Bonnie and Clyde"

 Me and Gustav going out for a beer one night. Quite a looker, that G-man.

Shirin, my previous roommate from Copenhagen came to Oslo. Love love love!

I had a small get-together last saturday.

Me and G-man ends up sing-battle'ing or rap-battle'ing pretty frequently these days. And yes, they totally ARE awkward.


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