Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Party Othirteen

On saturday it was the christmas-party at work, and since I was in the comitee I decided to make a photobooth ala what we always did on school whenever there were a big party. Because of little time and severe big holes in bothering doing stuff, it became pretty homemade and shitty - but it did do it's job and people were happy, so I guess it's not about the appearance after all (darn it, and me basing my life solely on the belief of looking pretty would get me somewhere. Well lesson learned LIFE. LESSON LEARNED). 
So anyway, here's some of the many pictures that got taken that night. I wish I didn't end up so darn drunk. Just kidding, I was awesome!

 Me and Steffen checking out the photobooth before people arrived.

 The gang I work with on my floor (love love love)

 There were nominations and I am obviously not satisfied with not getting a medal. But Gustav did dedicate his nomitaion to me and Hodan (we are like the new team at the mens-department), so it's okay anyway even though it might not look so on the pic.

 Such a lovely gang, am so happy for starting to work with these!

Top model next, amiright? XoXo

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