Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Cause you smell - you talk - nice nice nice dangerous like danger does endless necessary new world maybe this is just how my world is now maybe the world is all the same wherever I am managing seeing feeling warm wherever you are making it spin my body yours you can do all you ever want to I wont mind I surrender a flood of melted essence me me you you you others fade away but so centered loving maybe even so. maybe I love you maybe I don't but I surely do with all my body heart and soul love you perhaps in every way not possible but honestly possible all in all, sometimes flickering tiresome don't mind a break but do mind one after all you are you are everything but everything and still so goddamn nothing but still something in the back of my mind like a sting of a feeling I shouldn't have try to avoid maybe even so I love you but don't know in which way but you surely make me certain about my sexuality. Yup. Heterosexual as fuck. This is strange and nice and stupid all at once confusing some might even say perhaps fresh what makes me go dig deeper feelings fuck this feels fresh long time no see I've missed me You make me remember Cause you smell and you talk nice You are dangerous but I like it damnit I love it

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