Sunday, 27 October 2013

Saturday Afternoon

So this was what I wore today, my new skirt, bought at none place other than my dear beloved H&M. And a top from River Island, and a vintage belt. 
I totally regret my decision in shoewear (which by the way are not those devils I'm wearing at the pics. Only for the sake of the picture, people!) after hour five on work, but hey what don't you do for the art of fashion.

Next week will be all about Halloween and tomorrow will be workshop-day, making everything that is needed to do the coolest halloween-party ever. Which is what Sarah and me will be doing next saturday. It will be fab-u-lous!
Will try to keep you posted, guys!


SuperSiril said...

Du ser alltid så flott ut! kan ikke du leke litt stylist når du kommer hit da! ;)

Camilla Hay Jenssen said...

Joooo! I can be your gay fab stylist, baby honey gurl!