Sunday, 27 October 2013

Do you think we'll be in love forever Do you think we'll be in love

She told me She was bored. She ended up a He.

So my friend Siril (the one that lives in Tokyo and whom I will be visiting this christmas) is pretty cool. She is one of those friends I have that loves to dress up, just like me, and some days ago I got this picture in my Facebook Inbox, letting me know she was bored and made herself into a man. A damn fine man if I may say so myself. 
This is what I love about her, and I can't wait to be with her all christmas. Only one and a half month left, Siril!!!

Breathe Breathe Breathing Did breathe

A reflection of Sarah tonight just as we were about to watch a movie

Saturday Afternoon

So this was what I wore today, my new skirt, bought at none place other than my dear beloved H&M. And a top from River Island, and a vintage belt. 
I totally regret my decision in shoewear (which by the way are not those devils I'm wearing at the pics. Only for the sake of the picture, people!) after hour five on work, but hey what don't you do for the art of fashion.

Next week will be all about Halloween and tomorrow will be workshop-day, making everything that is needed to do the coolest halloween-party ever. Which is what Sarah and me will be doing next saturday. It will be fab-u-lous!
Will try to keep you posted, guys!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

I think about you when you're not around. Because you look nice and smell like you're using a really good perfume.

Monday, 14 October 2013

I know it's a whole lotta negative stuff going on on this blog these days. But I can promise you everything is roseydosey and I am seriously having the time of my life these days! I love how great the moving-idea actually was! 
I hate that every idea David has is a good one. Even those I try point out as a bad one still slaps me in the face on the backflash. Bam. It wasn't a bad idea after all. Damn. Oslo I kinda like you.

And I also kinda like this picture even though I'm not a M.I.A.-fan.

The thought of Him made me hold it back whenever the feel of throwing up came. The thought of Him made me get through the day. It's not true love it's only a trust so true and rare it keeps me level.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

 You know, the way it repeatedly plays in your head every day. How you remember your own demolition falling to the floor the second you understood what message you were about to get. How it all plays on repeat in your head, the emotions, the people, the words and most of all the lacking of words becuase none of you managed to get anything out other than your own breaking hearts. I promised to take care of his daughters that night and I am never letting go. All the things he could have done, Oh how his life could have been something else. Nine months ago my heart broke into a million unfixable pieces. The unfixable only death can do. I miss you every day, I hope somehow you know.