Thursday, 12 September 2013

Skype I love the hell outta ya

I have shitloads going on on my agenda these days, working literally 200% hours. Full work at H&M and full work with my own business (photo that is). It leaves with little time left for the fun stuff, like relaxing, having people over or just watching a movie with the roomie. I shouldn't complaint, and I don't really do either, it just would have been nice with just a tad slower pace of things. I've been here three weeks (in Oslo that is) and feel like it's been a lifetime. Haven't got much time for moving in either, things have just gone in a blur. But it'll set right soon I think. I just need to do what's needed to be done and get it overwith. Next week maybe I'll get a day off.

Am so exited about my trip to Tokyo this christmas, and all I ever do is think about all the fun stuff I'll do with my beloved Siril (which by the way is living there at the moment, if you didn't already know). It's strange to think she is way over there, in a country totally different from mine. Like, totally, totally different. And I can't believe I'll celebrate christmas eve and new years eve and all that over there. Cray-cray!!!

So yeah, my days are as mentioned pretty much packed. But I did manage to squeeze in some skype-time with Siril before I now have to go to work. Skype is seriously the best invention ever.

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