Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Saturday the fourteenth

Pictures from my moving-in-party on saturday got developed today! It took me a hell lot of walking to get to the right photo-store that actually developes in an hour (I'm too inpatient to wait a whole week), but eventually I got them. And I think I might have found my new way of taking pictures. It may be a whole-maddafakkin-lot more expensive, but by god, this is exactly the type of pictures I love. Like, technically speaking you know. The brightness, the raw-ness. And especially the contrast, which I just haven't gotten from the 200-Iso-films. So now it's all 400-Iso, baby! And I WILL do fashion photos with this look. I so, so totally will!

It was by the way the best homeparty I've had and been to in ages! Incredible that it came so many, and it was such an amazing evening/night that didn't end until morning. Perfect!

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