Friday, 13 September 2013

Pictures of the appartment

Since I am currently being unavailable to take appartment-pictures (due to the fact that things aren't set up at all just yet), I will instead post pictures of myself IN some of the rooms in this place. Just as a teaser of what you'll see eventually. So the first one is of me on the bathroom all dolled up for work. Very nice, newly washed hair going on there. And then there is a picture of me last night when I sat for a while on our terrace, thinking about life and the universe and such you know. No I didn't, I'm not that deep. It was all like "oh em gee, this is friggin cold, I should get inside and watch some more dr.Who ohmygod, can't believe the daleks still are alive - ps that was me on the end of new-season 1.

And then lastly, here is a picture of me from right now, giving the thumbs up on my own grrrreat idea to make this post. I am by the way sitting in the living-room, giving a little glimpse as you can see, to the hallway. So stay tuned peeps - more grand, spectacular, groundbreaking posts will happen in the near future! Perhaps.

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