Monday, 30 September 2013

A room with no pillow

You know, I haven't forgotten what I promised you guys. I told you "just wait some weeks and I'll post pictures of the place!" I did. And posting those goddamn pictures I will. 

This is my apartment these days. I am not particularly happy about it, but sometimes shit happens and you just have to deal with it. Well this shit was all about bugs. More spesific bedbugs. Which are maddafakkin impossible to get rid of unless you go drastic. Which is what we ended up doing. So absolutely ev-e-rything had to be packed down in less than a day (let's also point out that on that particular day I had work just as I have every day). Which includes everything from books, clothes and pictures to sofa, table and bed. And when it was all packed and ready, some guys came and moved it all (thank god I didn't have to do that one more time in less than a month after moving in) in to some sort of freezing container. Well anyway, enough with the details, it all ended up in one tots empty apartment, and me living here for two nights now(have been living in a hotel for some days too, which was soo nice) - all by myself too, cause my roomie totally ditched me to live with her parents. Just kidding, her reasons were totally legit and I would so do the same.

SO HERE YOU GO PEEPS: Pictures of my apartment one month in.
(Let me point out that the portraited "bed" is my sixth since I moved to Oslo. If you ever have been wondering "hm, how would a young body manage six different beds in one and a half month." Well. It doesn't. I might look fifteen and be of age twenty-three, but goddamnit my body is aching and moving like a eighty-year-old. Enough complaining, here it is - apartment extravaganza show-off:

 This is the living-room. It's really cozy, you should see it with a sofa in it, super-cute!

 This is the hallway, which leads to the kitchen to the right, and the terrace to the left. The door on far right is the door to my roomie, Sarah.

This is part of the kitchen (btw yay for only having a 50mm. Have to borrow something else for when I'm gonna do the real-deal-apartment-picture-time). You see how neatly it's been stacked from two-hour-time-limit to get everything but the kitchen-stuff packed. And also, you got a glimpse of my dinner in the making, you lucky bastard!

 This is the other end of the hallway we visitied some pictures ago. The other end of it leads to the livingroom which we inspected on the first picture. All the bags have been my life for the last five days.

 THIS ladies and gentlemen! This is my bedroom! (Or at least a corner of it since, yet again, yoho go 50mm)

 Me in the bathroom mirror. Wherever there is a mirror, Camilla appear to take selfies.

 This is me totally psyched over this situation. Have by the way totally forgotten to take off my H&M-badge from work. Takin' the work with me home u kno!

And this last one is actually kinda cosy. You see, I found out that goddamnit, I might not have a bed or sofa or, well anything. But I sure as hell will make this place the cosiest shit ever! So I bought some candles and made me a corner. Works pretty darn good, man!
Have by the way still not noticed my work-badge on the shirt. Almost embarassing now you know.

Well that was it for today folks! Hope you enjoyed this little tour, will totally do it again when I have furniture in it. Hey, that'll sort of be like a "before-and-after"-kinda thang! Nice!

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Took some pictures last night of my gorgeous friend Oliver. Will indeed post more as soon as the pictures from my analogue camera is developed (have some more pictures I need to take first though, so might be a while).

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pictures I find rather amusing

 Since the last episode of season 2 of Doctor Who made me so sad, I'm sharing with you the top five pictures that never fail to put a smile on mah face. Seriously though. This last one, with the ferrets. How f'ing amazeballs-ing fabulous aren't they! Look at those diva's pulling off halternecks! Brilliant!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Using my tuesday evening on Skype with this girl.

Saturday the fourteenth

Pictures from my moving-in-party on saturday got developed today! It took me a hell lot of walking to get to the right photo-store that actually developes in an hour (I'm too inpatient to wait a whole week), but eventually I got them. And I think I might have found my new way of taking pictures. It may be a whole-maddafakkin-lot more expensive, but by god, this is exactly the type of pictures I love. Like, technically speaking you know. The brightness, the raw-ness. And especially the contrast, which I just haven't gotten from the 200-Iso-films. So now it's all 400-Iso, baby! And I WILL do fashion photos with this look. I so, so totally will!

It was by the way the best homeparty I've had and been to in ages! Incredible that it came so many, and it was such an amazing evening/night that didn't end until morning. Perfect!

Just found out and made new nails! Am in love with this look! Will SO be my new thing.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Pictures of the appartment

Since I am currently being unavailable to take appartment-pictures (due to the fact that things aren't set up at all just yet), I will instead post pictures of myself IN some of the rooms in this place. Just as a teaser of what you'll see eventually. So the first one is of me on the bathroom all dolled up for work. Very nice, newly washed hair going on there. And then there is a picture of me last night when I sat for a while on our terrace, thinking about life and the universe and such you know. No I didn't, I'm not that deep. It was all like "oh em gee, this is friggin cold, I should get inside and watch some more dr.Who ohmygod, can't believe the daleks still are alive - ps that was me on the end of new-season 1.

And then lastly, here is a picture of me from right now, giving the thumbs up on my own grrrreat idea to make this post. I am by the way sitting in the living-room, giving a little glimpse as you can see, to the hallway. So stay tuned peeps - more grand, spectacular, groundbreaking posts will happen in the near future! Perhaps.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Skype I love the hell outta ya

I have shitloads going on on my agenda these days, working literally 200% hours. Full work at H&M and full work with my own business (photo that is). It leaves with little time left for the fun stuff, like relaxing, having people over or just watching a movie with the roomie. I shouldn't complaint, and I don't really do either, it just would have been nice with just a tad slower pace of things. I've been here three weeks (in Oslo that is) and feel like it's been a lifetime. Haven't got much time for moving in either, things have just gone in a blur. But it'll set right soon I think. I just need to do what's needed to be done and get it overwith. Next week maybe I'll get a day off.

Am so exited about my trip to Tokyo this christmas, and all I ever do is think about all the fun stuff I'll do with my beloved Siril (which by the way is living there at the moment, if you didn't already know). It's strange to think she is way over there, in a country totally different from mine. Like, totally, totally different. And I can't believe I'll celebrate christmas eve and new years eve and all that over there. Cray-cray!!!

So yeah, my days are as mentioned pretty much packed. But I did manage to squeeze in some skype-time with Siril before I now have to go to work. Skype is seriously the best invention ever.

I'm supposed to work or go to bed or something but end up taking selfies and doing weird stuff in photoshop whilst watching DrWho

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

One day several days ago

 I totally forgot to post this at the time it happened, but two weeks ago we went for a movie in the park. Me, Sarah and ├ůsta. It was this annual arrangement, and they showed "The Kid" with Charlie Chaplin. Such cute movie and a wonderful evening with seriously thousands of people!

 Us three eating plums.

Look at all the people! It was stuffed!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Inspirational pictures of how I want the new apartment to be

Will soon take pictures of how it ended up. Am still in the moving-in-phase. Which by the way also is why I'm kinda awol.

This Christmas I am going to