Monday, 29 July 2013

Warning warning this is a post with me in my panties, but who can blame me it's friggin hot all day every day these days

This week I'm home alone (don't take this the wrong way, Charlie, I still love ya), and I'm friggin loving it! My roomie has been gone since saturday and ab-so-lutely _nothing_ has been done. I have perhaps let down all the women in the world down by letting this apartment go down the dumpster-drain (no just kidding I am seriously superduper-feminist, you guys. Don't worry). But by god, it feels good to not give a damn! 

And I've found Netflix (have been avoiding it on purpose, cause I knew I would get hooked,  but now I gave in), so I've been watching everything I could find. And while I've been netflixing the shit out of me, I've also been drawing and painting and figured out new ideas for tattoos. 

I am seriously enjoying the last days of freetime and good weather before it all starts. Oh, I am so not looking forward to this next month! It'll be Stressgust (stress+august)!!!!!

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