Saturday, 27 July 2013

I have this folder

I have this folder on my computer. It's called "En dag" - One day. 
That is the folder I put all the pictures that visualizes my dreams. And one of the dreams I am really thinking about these days, are the one about taking a trip to Tokyo. Cause those lights really mesmerize me. Because I want to sit in a hotelroom high above the clouds, looking at a never-ending city. Because I want to say mushi-mushi. And above all, because I want to see Siril again. I miss her and I would love to see the person she has become after this half-year where she's been living in the most crazy town of all. 
One day I'll be with her, doing everything you should and shouldn't do. In the city with all the mesmerizing lights. 

Hopefully that one day will be this christmas.

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