Saturday, 29 June 2013

He said to be cool but I don't know how yeah

So this has happened today. My hair magically grew metres in a matter of hours!
No, not really. They more like magically appeared in the post-office after me using all my money on it. And used countless of hours dying it into my own hair-color, which by the way is a real pain in the butt to do when the hair isn't on you! Cray-cray!

Anyways, this is my stylish new hairdo. I'm exited to make cool new stuff with this. There WILL be some brades rocking on this chick's head the next weeks. I'll try to get time for some outfit-pictures soon, so you'll see the whole deal plus maybe some cool clothing as well. I found out it's been year (almost -S) since last time I did an outfit-post. And I who used to love those crazy things.

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