Sunday, 19 May 2013

It's closing in on two in the morning. And I'm up planning shoots. Still. Right now I'm pretty tired. Have to get up early tomorrow to change the livingroom to a studio. If the studio isn't available to you, make it yourself. 
If life gives you lemons... Uhm... I want to say squeeze it into everybody's eyes and say suck it maddafakkas. But I guess I should make lamonade out of it or something?

Only one week 'til London. And I am just too excited to manage to wait a whole week to do all I'm gonna do!

Oh well, first I guess I need some sleep. I end this post with a pic of me today before heading out to lie in a park and relax. I am now ceverly sunburnt, but it was so worth it.
Good night!

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