Thursday, 16 May 2013

If only I got money for this

Right at this moment I'm working on no less than six shoots. None of which get paid in dollas. A little sucky, but it is all fun and games and a way to evolve and learn, so I'm allright.

And one of these shoots will make one of my (not-so)secret dreams come true. I'll try to take the pictures on film. You know, the good ol' filmroll - not the movie-kind-of-film. I'll get to borrow my grandfather's camera again today, and I'll take it with me to London in a week (Oh my god, just realized that I won't have any space in my on-board-sized-suitcase for like other stuff than workstuff. You know, trousers and a toothbrush? Damn, am taking with me three cameras and all the accesories to it + my computer since I'm having ceveral (!) shoots on the trip).

Oh and yeah I also found out the other day while talking to someone I haven't met in a long time: I have absolutely NO personal life! She was all like oh yeah and I'm flirting with him, it's drama with him and her and I do this and this - Oh how are you? Do you have anything going on in your life? And that's when that conversation kindof haltered. I sat down and really went through in my mind what I could say and all I came up with was: I'm going to London though! ...To take pictures... because... I don't have any other life. Don't get me wrong, I love taking pictures - well, obviously, since that is all my life is about - but it was kind of like a smack in the face since I've never really thought about the fact that everything I do and think about involves work. Boyfriend? whaaat? Someone to flirt with? What whaaat? Drama? Eeeeh... I aint got nothing to tell about. Unless you want to hear about one of my six shoots. And models. And light-setting-ideas. And my thoughts on how to get in the industry.

So here is three pictures of my life the last week. Me on editing-hour: way late at night, the reading I've done and a photo of my feet when I woke up from being asleep on the floor and figured I needed to take a dress and some heels on and go picnic'in.

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