Monday, 20 May 2013

A sunday through Instagram

Today was a bloody hot day. I'm not trying to complain, but for a city usually in the minus varieties of degrees, it's pretty crazy for it to be in the "oh my god, every inch of my body is sweaty from sitting on the floor in my bra".

But non the less - we had a shoot today! After refurnishing the livingroom, putting everything in one half of the appartment, I sat in the window, waiting for everyone to arrive. It was so darn hot, I melted away whilst sitting there!
They came eventually, we stayed for almost five hours, doing lookbooks for Julie (the creator of the outfits) and afterwards some other, more fun pictures for Lena (the model). I am very excited about the results, and you'll see it soon (very soon actually, Julie needs the pictures on tuesday - ouchy me, for needing to sit inside on sunny days editing pictures). It's my first time doing lookbook-pictures and I'm not quite sure how I did. So more testings to come, I have to get brilliant on this!

Write ya soon! xx

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