Sunday, 26 May 2013

I should start packing.
In two hours I'm supposed to be on the bus to the airport and on my way to London.

Friday, 24 May 2013

What I want to watch right now

And also. I reeeeally want to look like Milla Jovovich. It is like... My one big dream.

Monday, 20 May 2013

A sunday through Instagram

Today was a bloody hot day. I'm not trying to complain, but for a city usually in the minus varieties of degrees, it's pretty crazy for it to be in the "oh my god, every inch of my body is sweaty from sitting on the floor in my bra".

But non the less - we had a shoot today! After refurnishing the livingroom, putting everything in one half of the appartment, I sat in the window, waiting for everyone to arrive. It was so darn hot, I melted away whilst sitting there!
They came eventually, we stayed for almost five hours, doing lookbooks for Julie (the creator of the outfits) and afterwards some other, more fun pictures for Lena (the model). I am very excited about the results, and you'll see it soon (very soon actually, Julie needs the pictures on tuesday - ouchy me, for needing to sit inside on sunny days editing pictures). It's my first time doing lookbook-pictures and I'm not quite sure how I did. So more testings to come, I have to get brilliant on this!

Write ya soon! xx

Sunday, 19 May 2013

It's closing in on two in the morning. And I'm up planning shoots. Still. Right now I'm pretty tired. Have to get up early tomorrow to change the livingroom to a studio. If the studio isn't available to you, make it yourself. 
If life gives you lemons... Uhm... I want to say squeeze it into everybody's eyes and say suck it maddafakkas. But I guess I should make lamonade out of it or something?

Only one week 'til London. And I am just too excited to manage to wait a whole week to do all I'm gonna do!

Oh well, first I guess I need some sleep. I end this post with a pic of me today before heading out to lie in a park and relax. I am now ceverly sunburnt, but it was so worth it.
Good night!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

If only I got money for this

Right at this moment I'm working on no less than six shoots. None of which get paid in dollas. A little sucky, but it is all fun and games and a way to evolve and learn, so I'm allright.

And one of these shoots will make one of my (not-so)secret dreams come true. I'll try to take the pictures on film. You know, the good ol' filmroll - not the movie-kind-of-film. I'll get to borrow my grandfather's camera again today, and I'll take it with me to London in a week (Oh my god, just realized that I won't have any space in my on-board-sized-suitcase for like other stuff than workstuff. You know, trousers and a toothbrush? Damn, am taking with me three cameras and all the accesories to it + my computer since I'm having ceveral (!) shoots on the trip).

Oh and yeah I also found out the other day while talking to someone I haven't met in a long time: I have absolutely NO personal life! She was all like oh yeah and I'm flirting with him, it's drama with him and her and I do this and this - Oh how are you? Do you have anything going on in your life? And that's when that conversation kindof haltered. I sat down and really went through in my mind what I could say and all I came up with was: I'm going to London though! ...To take pictures... because... I don't have any other life. Don't get me wrong, I love taking pictures - well, obviously, since that is all my life is about - but it was kind of like a smack in the face since I've never really thought about the fact that everything I do and think about involves work. Boyfriend? whaaat? Someone to flirt with? What whaaat? Drama? Eeeeh... I aint got nothing to tell about. Unless you want to hear about one of my six shoots. And models. And light-setting-ideas. And my thoughts on how to get in the industry.

So here is three pictures of my life the last week. Me on editing-hour: way late at night, the reading I've done and a photo of my feet when I woke up from being asleep on the floor and figured I needed to take a dress and some heels on and go picnic'in.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sunday, 5 May 2013

It's all about the Heart

Some inspiration, some drawings I've done, some thoughts about where I stand at the moment. My big repeat in my sketching is the human heart.

Sources: Charmaine Olivia, The Road is Home, Google and me.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Some parts of a worked up mind

I never want to work full time in a dead-end job again. My mind is seriously bursting with ideas and they are extravagant, bigger and crazier than before. Collaborations, traveling, publicity. I am working towards a goal and for the first time in what I may believe is -ever- I feel I am starting to get the idea on where to start and where I want to go. You know, one thing is figuring out what your dream is, another thing is figuring out how to get there. That is something schools rarely touches. "You have to figure it out yourselves". Crazy-ass, impossible life-lesson. But oh sure, if there is one thing I will take with me to the grave, then it is that I am way to stubborn for my own well being. And that is why I am now taking a trip to London in one month to have a photoshoot. And why I will go to Copenhagen for another one. And to Tokyo for the third later this year. And even though I only work part-time in a paid job at the moment, I sure as hell work far above 100% on that other, unpaid one. And the money might not be there, and I might be going on the fourth week with noodles and water, and the equipment I need are not getting funded, but you know what... It's all worth it. It is all bloody worth it, I don't have a nine-to-five-job, I don't know if I need to get up at eight AM the next day, I don't have the sinking feeling of having to do the same thing every day, week after week. I am on the other hand doing stuff I love every day.

And my conclution is that the more I work with photography, the more I get into it.

I am so worked up, I am so excited. My life is about fashion. Period.

ps the pictures are just... random pictures I like right now. xx

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Homepage 2013

My homepage is updated and renewed, check it out! 

Now it's back to the pictures of gorgeous Karina. I just wish I had the inspiration in me to do what I feel could make the pictures justice. But I am just totally blank on what to do to give them that little push into something explosive. If you know what I mean?