Saturday, 6 April 2013

It's all about hope

Hope for the future, hope that you one day will figure it out. Get a husband, some babies, a house, a career, a life filled with travelling, a scratch-map all scratched out, experiencing sun and warm days (couse that literally happens three days a year here), living the dream just the way I dreamt it to be. Not every day, I'm not a child with naive, unrealistic expectations of life - but at least a day or ten. Just having the feeling that, damn, I did accomplish so much of what I wanted.

And right now, even though I have no plans, no idea where I am in six months, I still have hope. And it feels all right. Hope is the one thing I need to hold on to right now. The rest will arrive when it arrives.

P.s. Max Irons is my new teenager-"I-love-a-moviestar"-crush. 
His face is absolute perfection.

The sources I remember is linked to the rightful pictures. 
Others are either stills from movies or pictures from the 
internet (in other words, I have no source on them)

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