Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I've known this boy (or now more like starting to close in on being a man) for almost nine years now. We haven't spoken for years, but way back when, we were like... I don't know what we were like, but I used to tease him and he used to say I was stupid and every time I tried to give him a hug he ran for his life. So on saturday, when I dragged him with me to the studio, I was delighted to know that I was still as stupid and he still had to pull off the line "stop it, you are making me laugh".  Just as if that's not cool or whatever.

But he's a pretty cool fella. And I've been praising not only my talent in spotting good models, but also my talent in studio-skills - for the last four days. Yes, I do admit that I have more than five times daily shouted out praisings on my own awesomeness. Because this time, ladies and gentlemen... This time I really nailed the light-setting. I really, really nailed it! 

So thanks to Even for a gorgeous face and some funny moments, taking me back to taekwondoe-kicking time - and thanks to mum and dad for making such a prodigy as of what I am. Maybe I am overreacting just a tad here, but let's just roll with it people. Let's just roll with it...


ps this is by the way us "way back when". I am purposely keeping this picture small and unattainable so that you don't manage to see anymore of my foul look and attempt to hug this unwilling kid. It might seem wrong, but it wasn't cause he was super-cute and I know he secretly loved it. Deep down he did, I promise.

ps ps I am posting all of the pictures from the series on my other, more professional blog, called . Go check it out!

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