Sunday, 7 April 2013

Easter Twenty Thirteen

This year I've had by far the best easter in a long, long time. Maybe it felt so good concidering last year's total disaster, being all alone in Copenhagen and getting drunk on red whine and singing on with Glee while skype'ing with my buddy which was in Norway. 
Maybe it was because I had a whole week with no work and trouble and worry and feeling bad for not working. Maybe it was because I was home with my mom and my grandmother and my girls. Maybe it was the sun, maybe it was everything combined. 
Well, anyway, my easter was just perfect. I took so many pictures I had to start delete alongside taking new ones (tip to next time, bring the camera-cord so I can load them up to the computer). I went grilling, took walks in beautiful scenery, had roadtrips (I seriously have a deep profound love for roadtrips. Not really so shocking since I hung out a lot with my grandmother when I was younger, and she always took me out to the countryside to her house in the mountains, which was a three hour roadtrip. The greatest memory is from a late trip which ended up even later because of a roadblock for some time, so I lay in the back listening to Daft Punk on my new shiny portable cd-player and watched the night-sky and the stars and imagined some of them moving and thinking they definetly had to be UFO's). Well anyway, that was a bloody long sidenote, so I sort of fell off the main point of this sentence. So I'm just gonna post the pictures and let you see for yourselves how beautiful this easter was. Funny how your mood affects your pictures. The better the mood, the prettier the pictures. For me at least.

I feel good, people! Even though it most of the time doesn't look like it, and I'm rambling about sad, depressing stuff, I still feel good. I still walk home from work smiling. Just like it's supposed to be.

 Vivian on our way out to the countryside. The girls were going to our grandmother's and I would join mom back home.

 Mom on one of our trips.


 We found loads of pretty stones and shells

 The pretty view on our way to my grandmother's

 You gotta love Norway ("beware of the moose")

 Even the nights were pretty

 On a trip to do some grilling with the family

The scenery is perfection

 At the end of the week, the girls came to join me and mom for some days. Vera played a song on the guitar.

 Vera in the easter sun

 On easter eve we met up with mom's friends and their kids, and looked for the eastereggs, which the easterbunny had cleverly hidden

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