Sunday, 28 April 2013

It's four months since you passed away and I still cry with my whole heart. 

Friday, 26 April 2013


Mama needs her sugar. And also. She aint got no shame.

I've never really thought about the fact that coffins fall apart. It's quite obvious. You know, it's bound to happen and it's not like I'm stupid or slow or anything for thinking otherwise.
That's just one thing I've never thought about.

Leopard and pearl

I've gotten bitten and smitten by the cool-outfit-bug lately. Or maybe it's just me loosing weight and feeling good enough about my body to start wearing clothes that look cool again. Funny how much bad self-image has to say about behavour and styling. 

So this was today's look.Shamelessly inspired by this young genious of a woman

Have by the way also bought some ninetees pink heart-shaped sunglasses and can't wait for them to arrive in the mail (oh god I love you ebay!). Then you'll see me walking around with carrie-curls, coffee in one hand and a smoke (for the purpose of the look only. I am not a smoker, mom) in the other. Oh and big statement lips. OH and Vogue tucked in under one arm. And I am waving important with my smoke-hand. Because I'm important and fabulous. 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Loosing my job was the best thing that ever happened to me

It gave me the kick I needed to go do what I'm supposed to do.


I've known this boy (or now more like starting to close in on being a man) for almost nine years now. We haven't spoken for years, but way back when, we were like... I don't know what we were like, but I used to tease him and he used to say I was stupid and every time I tried to give him a hug he ran for his life. So on saturday, when I dragged him with me to the studio, I was delighted to know that I was still as stupid and he still had to pull off the line "stop it, you are making me laugh".  Just as if that's not cool or whatever.

But he's a pretty cool fella. And I've been praising not only my talent in spotting good models, but also my talent in studio-skills - for the last four days. Yes, I do admit that I have more than five times daily shouted out praisings on my own awesomeness. Because this time, ladies and gentlemen... This time I really nailed the light-setting. I really, really nailed it! 

So thanks to Even for a gorgeous face and some funny moments, taking me back to taekwondoe-kicking time - and thanks to mum and dad for making such a prodigy as of what I am. Maybe I am overreacting just a tad here, but let's just roll with it people. Let's just roll with it...


ps this is by the way us "way back when". I am purposely keeping this picture small and unattainable so that you don't manage to see anymore of my foul look and attempt to hug this unwilling kid. It might seem wrong, but it wasn't cause he was super-cute and I know he secretly loved it. Deep down he did, I promise.

ps ps I am posting all of the pictures from the series on my other, more professional blog, called . Go check it out!

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Coffee, photoshop, Gorillaz and reading the local paper

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dry Flower

So this week is booked up in shoots, and this feels like the kick-start of my future. That's right, I'm as klichè as that. Will take two portrait series this week (the picture is a moodboard for the first of them) and whilst making those happen, I'm collaborating with others on two more shoots. And those two are such different genres that I'm dancing of joy. The only thing missing is getting money for this and then my life would be complete!


I am seriously bored by my own pictures

I need to do something new

Monday, 15 April 2013

Things I love Monday

Every one of these images are thanks to the beloved world of Tumblr and the goddamn perfect ninetees.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Oh One Houndred

Selfportrait of the day.
Dyed my hair today. It was supposed to be just a fresh-up and hairline-covering-thing. But took a colour a bit edgier than usual, so I turned up in the orange lane of red. And goddamn fell in love with my hair.
Why did I try to be something else than red, this colour is the sexyest, loveliest, cutest, bestest, prettiest colour in the whole wide world!

Now I'm yet again up way too late and my eyes hurt and head is dissy cause I should sleep. But have to fix my nails before work tomorrow, so I can't sleep just yet. Oh sigh, the life of a girl is so hard sometimes!


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Get Free

The feel and inspiration of this week. I love this song intensely with all my heart.

(And I've figured out I look quite cute with wild curls, so that'll be my new thing)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Easter Twenty Thirteen

This year I've had by far the best easter in a long, long time. Maybe it felt so good concidering last year's total disaster, being all alone in Copenhagen and getting drunk on red whine and singing on with Glee while skype'ing with my buddy which was in Norway. 
Maybe it was because I had a whole week with no work and trouble and worry and feeling bad for not working. Maybe it was because I was home with my mom and my grandmother and my girls. Maybe it was the sun, maybe it was everything combined. 
Well, anyway, my easter was just perfect. I took so many pictures I had to start delete alongside taking new ones (tip to next time, bring the camera-cord so I can load them up to the computer). I went grilling, took walks in beautiful scenery, had roadtrips (I seriously have a deep profound love for roadtrips. Not really so shocking since I hung out a lot with my grandmother when I was younger, and she always took me out to the countryside to her house in the mountains, which was a three hour roadtrip. The greatest memory is from a late trip which ended up even later because of a roadblock for some time, so I lay in the back listening to Daft Punk on my new shiny portable cd-player and watched the night-sky and the stars and imagined some of them moving and thinking they definetly had to be UFO's). Well anyway, that was a bloody long sidenote, so I sort of fell off the main point of this sentence. So I'm just gonna post the pictures and let you see for yourselves how beautiful this easter was. Funny how your mood affects your pictures. The better the mood, the prettier the pictures. For me at least.

I feel good, people! Even though it most of the time doesn't look like it, and I'm rambling about sad, depressing stuff, I still feel good. I still walk home from work smiling. Just like it's supposed to be.

 Vivian on our way out to the countryside. The girls were going to our grandmother's and I would join mom back home.

 Mom on one of our trips.


 We found loads of pretty stones and shells

 The pretty view on our way to my grandmother's

 You gotta love Norway ("beware of the moose")

 Even the nights were pretty

 On a trip to do some grilling with the family

The scenery is perfection

 At the end of the week, the girls came to join me and mom for some days. Vera played a song on the guitar.

 Vera in the easter sun

 On easter eve we met up with mom's friends and their kids, and looked for the eastereggs, which the easterbunny had cleverly hidden

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Oh Max Irons

It's all about hope

Hope for the future, hope that you one day will figure it out. Get a husband, some babies, a house, a career, a life filled with travelling, a scratch-map all scratched out, experiencing sun and warm days (couse that literally happens three days a year here), living the dream just the way I dreamt it to be. Not every day, I'm not a child with naive, unrealistic expectations of life - but at least a day or ten. Just having the feeling that, damn, I did accomplish so much of what I wanted.

And right now, even though I have no plans, no idea where I am in six months, I still have hope. And it feels all right. Hope is the one thing I need to hold on to right now. The rest will arrive when it arrives.

P.s. Max Irons is my new teenager-"I-love-a-moviestar"-crush. 
His face is absolute perfection.

The sources I remember is linked to the rightful pictures. 
Others are either stills from movies or pictures from the 
internet (in other words, I have no source on them)