Sunday, 3 March 2013

Instagramish-ing the past month

So as I've mentioned in an earlier post, my uncle died in the end of january. And February went out to be the hardest month I've experienced this far. The unexpected thing about February was the way I felt through it all. It was such a different and unusual feeling to hard times. 
And to everyones information, February involved in a death, very very little money to live on, overworking my ass off to try to make in the money I "lost" from being home crying for a week, then end up with loosing the work for reasons I won't mention in a blogpost but which was reasonable and mutual, and then of course starting on searching for new jobs while working in the first mentioned one. And trying to make my portfolio as good as possible to try to get a job in London. I am exhausted and have neglected everything that's called hanging out with friends and partying and so on. 
But March is the good month because I believe in Karma and now it's been so much negative thrown at me that the next month will be all good. (And it started up with me getting the money my last work in Copenhagen have owned me for ten months now, wohey!)
Well anyway, I did take some pictures throughout this month, and I've just become plain addicted to Instagram, ladies and gentlemen! So here are February in Instagram-ish pictures (some are screen-caps and regular pics I find just as important to post):

 The girls / My girls

 The morning after his death I went home to my mom. I took this pic on the boat out to where she lives.

The next couple of days were filled with flowers being sent from friends of the family

 After four days I went home to my cat again. I gave her a hairbrush which she fell in love with instantly.

On my way to my girls to write a poem for the funeral. Which we also laid in his coffin. Surreal to see someone you love dead. Surreal to see a dead person in general really. So unnatural but still the most natural thing of all.

Buying a funeral-dress. By the way loving my iphone-sticker-cover-thingy!

 One day when it was snow on the ground and sun in the sky. Random!

 The girls pearled something for their dad to have in his coffin and bring up to heaven with him.

Buffy (the cat) is quite the cuddler! She sleeps more on my face than next to it sometimes.

 And this thing right here is like the most enjoyable and insane-in-the-membrain-moment EVER!
#Hashtag NickAndJess

 One night after work when I felt like being tshirt-cool (It says I <3 london="" p="">

 Cat-nap-pictures are like my regular on Instagram. Buffy is adorable!

 Me editing pictures real close up and finding my own reflection.

 Me exhausted

Me being all business-woman-y at work.

And that's all there is from February. March will be a thousand times more optimistic, I promise!

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