Thursday, 6 December 2012


Lately my whole life only contains of pictures. I work with selling them, I get home and work on editing them and I do project on my sparetime. But I'm far from tired of it though, so I guess I've found my calling. 
Right now I have work, christmascards (me and the roomie and cat are making cards. They are awesome), family photos of my uncle and cousins. I have the pictures from Copenhagen. And this idea that I got yesterday which I will be evolving all Christmas I think (big project. More of an art-project than a photography project. I like them more). And yeah also, in like four days or something, I'm going to London to visit Sarah! I'm so happy I want to cry. But not before I've gotten some sleep... It's like one AM and I'm going to work in the morning. Oh yawn, the life of a photographer.

Oh and yeah, while I'm editing away pimples and stuff, I'm watching X-files. Let me tell ya, some of those episodes are just damn straight scary! And every time that intro comes on, I go into some sort of time-loop-hole and end up as 7-year old me freaked out by that scary shit. But Agent Mulder is the hottest thing ever. So I can't stop watching himCOUGH it (as you can see on the first pic).

The truth is out there people! 
Good night!

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