Monday, 31 December 2012


Finally the pictures from my trip to Copenhagen with Emilia is here! It's been a bit longer than normal in the post-process, but traveling and sickness has been my life the last month, so nothing has gone as smoothly as hoped.
Anyway, enjoy!

Models: Marina Ohm & Elisabeth Lucas - both from 1st Option Model Management 
Stylist: Emilia Winsnes

Sunday, 30 December 2012

It might not be me and him. It might not be love beyond the existing. But by god, I have never been more inspired, had more of an explotion inside me with pictures, ideas, writings that just need to get out.
It is not important what the outcome is - what's important is the feelings that are surfacing and giving me a thrive to make art. Fuckit, I need more people like that in my life. I need more stories. 

In a way he became my muse without realizing it. Let's make art, bitch.

Sunday, 23 December 2012


So here comes the pictures from my trip to Sarah and London (and also Cambridge, which we went to on a daytrip). I got sick on day two, so I was never fully functional, which unfortunately went out on my photographic enthusiasm. I mostly used my phone and Instagram (hello phonebill when I got home), so here you have a mixture of both camera and phone-pictures. 
P.s. Nothing is in chronological order. It's juts pictures that show a wonderful trip to a wonderful girl.

I am in love with England.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Lately my whole life only contains of pictures. I work with selling them, I get home and work on editing them and I do project on my sparetime. But I'm far from tired of it though, so I guess I've found my calling. 
Right now I have work, christmascards (me and the roomie and cat are making cards. They are awesome), family photos of my uncle and cousins. I have the pictures from Copenhagen. And this idea that I got yesterday which I will be evolving all Christmas I think (big project. More of an art-project than a photography project. I like them more). And yeah also, in like four days or something, I'm going to London to visit Sarah! I'm so happy I want to cry. But not before I've gotten some sleep... It's like one AM and I'm going to work in the morning. Oh yawn, the life of a photographer.

Oh and yeah, while I'm editing away pimples and stuff, I'm watching X-files. Let me tell ya, some of those episodes are just damn straight scary! And every time that intro comes on, I go into some sort of time-loop-hole and end up as 7-year old me freaked out by that scary shit. But Agent Mulder is the hottest thing ever. So I can't stop watching himCOUGH it (as you can see on the first pic).

The truth is out there people! 
Good night!