Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A list of things

- I should read more. Have several books I want to read but never find the time
- I feel better now that I've had a week with constant sleep
- I secretly want to be a singer at broadway etc.
- Or a musician in a band
- When I was ten I drawed my first collection
- When I was fourteen I started follow fashion. I hated John Galliano since I felt he destroyed Dior.
- Later on I find him the most brilliant designer after Alexander McQueen
- I've been passionately in love with Daft Punk since the age of eleven
- I love to draw and paint but never really do it
- The most fascinating I ever can think of is UFO's. It's scary and exciting all at once and one day I will go to Roswell New Mexico, no matter how tourist-y that is.
- I absolutely love men and their bodies and Oh so different (and partly annoying) way of thinking.

- I wish I knew how to speak french


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