Saturday, 5 May 2012

I'm at it again. That Alien-idea of mine just won't stop pushing in my head. So here is my second (and probably not last) moodboard for it. 
Why aren't you doing something about it, you might ask. Well you see, if you push aside my other cool stuff like work and moving and all that jazz, it is just this thing called indecisiveness! Woho! 
I have no idea what I want to do with it, cause I want to do it all. And those ideas that are stuck as strong candidates are almost impossible to make good, no matter how much money and access you might have (unless your name is Spielberg and you can do whatever the fuck you want - darn you Steven, I want to have your head just for one day! I don't care if I have to wear your beard as the price!). 

But soon oh darling follower. Soon I'll be all about this thing, rocking it Camilla-style with loads of awesome stuff. Am by the way also looking forward to the day I'm a big famous super-star-photographer and the sentence "rocking it Camilla-style" is a world-wide phenomenon. 
Aha-ha-haw yeah. 

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