Tuesday, 17 April 2012


So I haven't been posting as much as usual these days. I can really feel it. This thing is like a part of my body or something you know. Addicted of myself as I am.

But yeah, here is the reason why: I am moving back to Trondheim, and moving in general is a motherbleeping mess. Moving between countries is a stressfull motherbleeping mess. Seriously... me... Moving with four (I feel a dejavu from the time I were moving down here to Copenhagen) suitcases? How on earth am I gonna manage that when I'm purchasing super-low-priced birdcages (note: I do not own a bird, have never done so and am not in any rush of getting one either) which just looks sooo cute alá Holly and Gerry's appartment in P.S. I love you. It's all just a motherbleeping mess I tell ya!! 

I am by the way posting pictures from my window-scenery (the one on the top) and from my evening-jog today (the one down under here). I'm pretty nicely located if I may say so myself!

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