Friday, 23 March 2012

Model Agency-pictures

This is really fun to see. Even though it's seriously nothing special, it still feels kinda good knowing that I take good enough pictures to get shown on a model agency's website. So small but still...
I feel that is the most scary part when taking pictures - making the model agency happy with them and making something that is useful for them as well. 

Yesterday was by the way a surreal day. I (and of course loads of others. Credit will come with the pictures) worked for about eight hours yesterday. And even though that is a normal workday, it is by far the most exhausting thing I've ever done. It was something else when doing it on school, with the local model agency and a friend to do the makeup. But this... Two models, two makeupartists, a whole lot of clothes and ideas. Thank god for Julie, I would have exploded into a thousand pieces of uncertainty and nervousity if it wasn't for her just being there giving me the straight talk every now and then ("Stop talking shit, this makes no sence, I am not following your thoughts at ALL, Camilla!").

Haven't had the energy or time to go through all the pictures yet. Am still working on the finish of it. 
I wonder how it'll end up looking like in the end. I still haven't really decided what I think.

Some behind the scenes-shots. This is of the wonderful MUA, Pil Gad. I fell in love with her hair!

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