Sunday, 5 February 2012

Today I woke up with a heavy feeling in me. I woke up and just -boom- I miss Trondheim.
This sunday, like most other sunday's, I'm staying at home. Not beacuse it is such an exploding interesting thing to do, but just because I don't really have that much else to do you know. I could always go out alone, take some pictures or whatever. But today that's just not that tempting. So I figured I didn't want to sit inside and wish I were somewhere else. Because that's just not bringing anything good with it.
So today. Today is my Fashion-Sunday. I indulge myself in everything I can find of fashion, pictures, clothes, ideas. I have some thoughts inside, so maybe I'll try and get them out today. I have some pictures I want to paint. I have some magazines I want to read. I have some blogs I haven't been into in ages, loads of new material to go through and clothes to admire and take inspiration from. Sometimes I just forget the passion and just run around on the ordinary daily rutines. That's not the way to have a good life. I think I need more Fashion-Sundays. 

Photo by David, when we were in Morocco

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