Sunday, 29 January 2012

Liza Camilli

Yup, my new name for the evening. I went out with my beautiful friend, Charlotte, and absolutely everybody went to hit on her. So I was just the friend that had to stand beside them, looking awkwardly in the other direction and pretending to be someone cool. But I did get some girls coming up to me, telling me how cool I looked with my new cool top. And I did feel very much like Liza Minelli throughout the whole evening. So I figured we should go to a gaybar, just so I could get some attention as well. Two seconds into the nearest  gaybar, my friend went to the toilet, and I got myself two new friends. SCORE, Liza Camilli! So I got like two swedish friends and one danish, looking more like a girl in his behaviour (never seen a man pout his lips THAT hard before), and some toilet-best-friends-for-life. Then we went further on our quest for a good time out on town, but that was all just a bummer for me, cause it was all straight guys, and Liza Camilli just don't really function on the straight ones. So next time - more cleveage and less glitter. Though, I felt like a superstar nonetheless. Just look at all that glitter! So worth it!

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