Friday, 6 January 2012


After months with a room that just doesn't feel like me, I think I finally have figured it out. I've been sort of waiting for the money to buy myself some shelfs and frames and all that stuff, but have finally giving in on the fact that I'm just not gonna get that rich any day soon. SO I did the next best thing, trying to come up with other solutions to it all. And while I were at it today, I made myself some nice dinner and even drank some wine too, while watching Tv. I love days like these. Sometimes it's nice to be home alone. But only sometimes. 

My new and mindblowing cool shelf for my flower. Yes, it is made out of my twilight-books and star wars-videos and witch-pockets, and yes I am that type of girl that reads and owns all the twilight-books. Get over it, haters! By the way, to the left there, is a painting I'm working on. Artsy Fartsy room indeed-o!

 Did someone say tealights?

My safari-dress and Tunisia-hat (a gift from Karianne this summer) used as a substitute for the pictures I'm not having on my walls. 

The one big nice thing I have up on my wall, is this map. I got it from Sarah in a christmas-gift, and I love it. You scratch off all the places you've been in the world, like a scratch coupon. I'm not done yet, still some scratching to do (the world is so big you know, so even if the map is big, the countries are small and you have to scratch carefully not to bump into some random place you've never even heard of). So don't laugh at me for thinking that I've only been to like scandinavia and Great Britain you know.

The view from my mirror.  

Then I made me some lasagna.  

And some salad and some wine. Some might call this really sad since I'm all alone, but frankly, I like it. Yes it would have been nice to be with someone, but I don't mind being alone either. I am one of those that enjoy my own company. 

While eating, I watched the newest episode of The Vampire Diaries. Finally! I hate it when they have such big breaks!

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