Sunday, 8 January 2012

All the way to the morning And back

Yesterday I went out with Julie to a bar in Nørreport. It all sounds kindof like a funny story, so I'll just give you the short summary of it all. We ended up with the whole group of people that worked there, and got shots and beer from the owner of the place, while we played a game called "Maya" (still not sure how it goes, I lost every time).  And laughed and talked 'till late at night. 
This night was a great example that life is cool. 

I have loads of pictures from the night, but since I don't really know those we hang out with, I'm just keeping the picture-posting very basic. Me before leaving home, all made up and ready to get drunk. 

Me and Julie while waiting for the others to get back from wherever they were. My ability to see (and take pictures) straight got worse and worse the later it got. The pictures prove that pretty good. 

We got shots and beer 

Playing "Maya"

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