Tuesday, 31 January 2012

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How can something that is just not there still matter so fucking much

(Just, fyi, it is This face I am talking about. I want to 
cry -no joke- every time I see his 
face in this video. 
So amazingly perfect in that special way)

Monday, 30 January 2012

Pretty Things

I am playing around with photoshop these days. Trying to find that one way of making beautiful pictures just a little more special. 

I miss home right now. And I want to go on a roadtrip all over USA. Me and Henrik are talking about it, and will try to make it happen in a couple of years, after his graduation from school. 
Oh god, that would be such a dream come true. Sigh!

Sunday, 29 January 2012


 Yesterday we went out, as you might have noticed on my last (kindof drunk) post. 
Well, it's not so much, but I took some pictures of the day and night and morning. Though only of me and Charlotte. 

Me in my new shiny top, and Charlotte getting her makeup on. 

We found Rolf outside of my apartment. Rolf is obviously 30 years old today. 

Us on the metro. 

I just had to take a picture of one of the "booth's" in one of the bars we were in. It's called jailhouse, and everything was themed as a jail. Even the bartenders wore police-costumes. Bloody awesome if you ask me. 

Liza Camilli

Yup, my new name for the evening. I went out with my beautiful friend, Charlotte, and absolutely everybody went to hit on her. So I was just the friend that had to stand beside them, looking awkwardly in the other direction and pretending to be someone cool. But I did get some girls coming up to me, telling me how cool I looked with my new cool top. And I did feel very much like Liza Minelli throughout the whole evening. So I figured we should go to a gaybar, just so I could get some attention as well. Two seconds into the nearest  gaybar, my friend went to the toilet, and I got myself two new friends. SCORE, Liza Camilli! So I got like two swedish friends and one danish, looking more like a girl in his behaviour (never seen a man pout his lips THAT hard before), and some toilet-best-friends-for-life. Then we went further on our quest for a good time out on town, but that was all just a bummer for me, cause it was all straight guys, and Liza Camilli just don't really function on the straight ones. So next time - more cleveage and less glitter. Though, I felt like a superstar nonetheless. Just look at all that glitter! So worth it!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Looking forward to become Blonde

I have big plans peeps! I feel I have worked out the red for now, and I want to move on to something else. Or more like, move back. I were pretty blonde in my teenagers, so I feel like the best thing for me to grow is to.... go... back. Yeah. That sounds about right. 

Anyway, I am so totally looking forward to this. Some drastic change on myself, it will be awesome!
But can you really love someone you haven't met or talked to in over ten years?

I have never understood it

Moving to Copenhagen was the smartest thing I could have done

It took me a while to see it. Moving to another country is harder than what you think, there are so many things you didn't really think of would happen. "Oh I'll find friends easy, as soon as I get work, everything will work out". False, baby! Loads more is needed for that to kick in. Loads more is needed for most of it. The language-barriar, the misunderstandings, the meeting of people, trying to make connections and friends. I am surviving now. It was hard at first, a month ago I felt like just giving up and go die, I admit it. But now I feel I understand it all. I won't live here for the rest of my life. Maybe not even for the rest of the year. But the amount of learning I have done is worth it all. And it is not so much on learning how to survive moving on your own to another country, it is more that I have learned so goddamn much about myself. I know more who I am now. I know more what to do with my art. Yes, I am being bold enough to selfproclaim myself as an artist now. I have an (pretty expensive) education in an artistic field, and I have the artist-blood in me from birth. I have maybe not totally found my way of taking pictures just yet, but I have found that drive to it. After months of little friends and a lot of alone-time I have started going back to scratch, remembering how this all started. My roommate does this thing where she just does something, kindof without thinking, just feeling, and it ends up being great. Like, she is out on town, and has her really easy compact camera and takes pictures. She sees something on her way home or whatever, a light in the street, and just... you know... click the button and goes home. THAT is the thing I have been missing the last couple of years. Just that thing right there - doing something by feelings and not by thought and calculation. That is what I have to do with my pictures - my art, to make it good, make it something I can be proud of saying is mine. My feelings have to overrule my logic, and then I just have to let it explode out into something watchable. 

Copenhagen has learned me this. This city is more feelings than thoughts. No doubt. The art here is overwhelming. Or maybe it just is in this apartment, I'm not sure yet. But I do sure not regret moving here anymore. 

Pictures from my roommate, Shirin.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Crying Men

I love this picture, by Sam Taylor Wood. 
You should check out the rest of the "Crying Men"-series of hers, it is so beautiful! 
Oh, my teenage crush on Hayden Christensen will never end! 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


What a fabulous picture-frame!
It's from the music video "Born to Die" with Lana Del Rey. The song itself is maybe just a bit to boring for me, but the video has loads of good pictures, like this one right up here. Gorgeous!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I miss

My friend from school, Åsta, drawed this (more beautiful things on her tumblr), and I miss sitting next to her in class and just watch as she scribbles her way through boring classes.
I miss a lot with school these days. Just the familiar and expected with my surroundings. The relaxed feeling of having people you know around you, and you know you aint going anywhere for the next year or two anyway, so you can just relax even more, not thinking about what to do next. 
Now everything is the opposite. And even though it is the best situation and feeling in the world, it's also the scariest. 
I miss you Åsta. I miss everyone from school! 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mary Jane

I feel I have started up 2012 pretty good, photographicaly speaking. And I'm not trying to toot my own horn here or something, but I am really proud of these! Amazing model, and assistant helped make this a relaxed and fun shoot with really good results. And yes, now I am tooting my own horn. Goddamnit, we all should do it from time to time, nothing wrong with that!

Model: Mary Jane 
Assistant and Stylist: Julie Davidsen
Photos: Camilla Hay Jenssen (me)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Really pissed actually! No it just looks that way, I am only doing it for the picture.

Selfportrait of the week (no it will not be a thing. I promise).
Am trying to make myself a little studio here in the apartment for a shoot tomorrow. We will have sunlight and black backgrounds and wet hair and a beautiful model! I am really looking forward to this shoot, I think it'll be a blast! 
And I am also hoping that my roommate don't get home just as we are working, because I am kindof using her room and it kindof looks messy here right now (she is outatown and unavailable at the moment, so I haven't asked her for permission to use her room, EHE!). 

Again - looking forward to tomorrow!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

All the way to the morning And back

Yesterday I went out with Julie to a bar in Nørreport. It all sounds kindof like a funny story, so I'll just give you the short summary of it all. We ended up with the whole group of people that worked there, and got shots and beer from the owner of the place, while we played a game called "Maya" (still not sure how it goes, I lost every time).  And laughed and talked 'till late at night. 
This night was a great example that life is cool. 

I have loads of pictures from the night, but since I don't really know those we hang out with, I'm just keeping the picture-posting very basic. Me before leaving home, all made up and ready to get drunk. 

Me and Julie while waiting for the others to get back from wherever they were. My ability to see (and take pictures) straight got worse and worse the later it got. The pictures prove that pretty good. 

We got shots and beer 

Playing "Maya"


Two pictures from the shoot with Kristine Højbjerre (the model) and Stine T. Nielsen (stylist) some months ago. 
They didn't "make the cut" for the serie, but I like them anyway, so here you go. 

Friday, 6 January 2012


After months with a room that just doesn't feel like me, I think I finally have figured it out. I've been sort of waiting for the money to buy myself some shelfs and frames and all that stuff, but have finally giving in on the fact that I'm just not gonna get that rich any day soon. SO I did the next best thing, trying to come up with other solutions to it all. And while I were at it today, I made myself some nice dinner and even drank some wine too, while watching Tv. I love days like these. Sometimes it's nice to be home alone. But only sometimes. 

My new and mindblowing cool shelf for my flower. Yes, it is made out of my twilight-books and star wars-videos and witch-pockets, and yes I am that type of girl that reads and owns all the twilight-books. Get over it, haters! By the way, to the left there, is a painting I'm working on. Artsy Fartsy room indeed-o!

 Did someone say tealights?

My safari-dress and Tunisia-hat (a gift from Karianne this summer) used as a substitute for the pictures I'm not having on my walls. 

The one big nice thing I have up on my wall, is this map. I got it from Sarah in a christmas-gift, and I love it. You scratch off all the places you've been in the world, like a scratch coupon. I'm not done yet, still some scratching to do (the world is so big you know, so even if the map is big, the countries are small and you have to scratch carefully not to bump into some random place you've never even heard of). So don't laugh at me for thinking that I've only been to like scandinavia and Great Britain you know.

The view from my mirror.  

Then I made me some lasagna.  

And some salad and some wine. Some might call this really sad since I'm all alone, but frankly, I like it. Yes it would have been nice to be with someone, but I don't mind being alone either. I am one of those that enjoy my own company. 

While eating, I watched the newest episode of The Vampire Diaries. Finally! I hate it when they have such big breaks!

Sunday, 1 January 2012