Monday, 31 December 2012


Finally the pictures from my trip to Copenhagen with Emilia is here! It's been a bit longer than normal in the post-process, but traveling and sickness has been my life the last month, so nothing has gone as smoothly as hoped.
Anyway, enjoy!

Models: Marina Ohm & Elisabeth Lucas - both from 1st Option Model Management 
Stylist: Emilia Winsnes

Sunday, 30 December 2012

It might not be me and him. It might not be love beyond the existing. But by god, I have never been more inspired, had more of an explotion inside me with pictures, ideas, writings that just need to get out.
It is not important what the outcome is - what's important is the feelings that are surfacing and giving me a thrive to make art. Fuckit, I need more people like that in my life. I need more stories. 

In a way he became my muse without realizing it. Let's make art, bitch.

Sunday, 23 December 2012


So here comes the pictures from my trip to Sarah and London (and also Cambridge, which we went to on a daytrip). I got sick on day two, so I was never fully functional, which unfortunately went out on my photographic enthusiasm. I mostly used my phone and Instagram (hello phonebill when I got home), so here you have a mixture of both camera and phone-pictures. 
P.s. Nothing is in chronological order. It's juts pictures that show a wonderful trip to a wonderful girl.

I am in love with England.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Lately my whole life only contains of pictures. I work with selling them, I get home and work on editing them and I do project on my sparetime. But I'm far from tired of it though, so I guess I've found my calling. 
Right now I have work, christmascards (me and the roomie and cat are making cards. They are awesome), family photos of my uncle and cousins. I have the pictures from Copenhagen. And this idea that I got yesterday which I will be evolving all Christmas I think (big project. More of an art-project than a photography project. I like them more). And yeah also, in like four days or something, I'm going to London to visit Sarah! I'm so happy I want to cry. But not before I've gotten some sleep... It's like one AM and I'm going to work in the morning. Oh yawn, the life of a photographer.

Oh and yeah, while I'm editing away pimples and stuff, I'm watching X-files. Let me tell ya, some of those episodes are just damn straight scary! And every time that intro comes on, I go into some sort of time-loop-hole and end up as 7-year old me freaked out by that scary shit. But Agent Mulder is the hottest thing ever. So I can't stop watching himCOUGH it (as you can see on the first pic).

The truth is out there people! 
Good night!

Friday, 30 November 2012

Her face is so gorgeous and pale and pure that I want to cry

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

White. White white grey.

A friend of mine has gone from big beard to all nude with bleached eyebrows and hair and wanted some picture-proof of it, so then I took the opportunity to have some fun.
Found some pretty cool wall in my building actually! Am so gonna take more pictures there!

On some other note, I am so busy these days, it's almost amazing I still breathe.
Work, trips, projects. It's overwhelming much right now actually. But it's so fun I can't help but keep on going. Have the pictures from Copenhagen in my work in progress-mode, and am going to London for a weekend-trip in two weeks and I am so excited about it that my stumach is rumbling as I write now! 

Oh London! And Oh Jostein - you are so gorgeous with that face of yours!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

I want to be a Queen. Not the kind that got given the role or the kind that got married into it. Not the kind that worked it up after decades dressing and thinking like a man. Not the kind that need to get balls to find what she needs to rule. Not the kind that need to befriend influential men to get where she wants. Not the kind that need a man to get to rule.

I want to be a Queen. Made a queen by women. Made powerful by women. Built up by women. With no man involved in the climb.

That's what I want. That's what I never will get.

Monday, 19 November 2012


The newest project which will be done in Copenhagen in a week. Emilia and me are flying down for the weekend to take some pictures. 
Pretty much dream come true. Going on trips to have photoshoots. Oh sigh.

Never mind the previous post

Sunday, 11 November 2012

To Red or not to Red

I have the option to go back to red on wednesday and I can't decide what to do. Save out my hair so that it's superhealthy OR colour it red again and be supahdupah-sexy. I love my red hair but I also would love to cut off all my fucked up hair. 
Well anyway, while going through my old photobooth-pictures to make the decision, I found some pics from when I were superblonde. It was nice, but that's not an option. Oes Noes! 

What to do?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I've been thinking for a long time now, that I want to reedit my fashion graduation assignment, but have never felt secure enough on the photoshop-department concidering there are loads of colors to take care of in the pictures. Well. Today I took the challenge, since I've been feeling pretty cool lately (photoshop-wise).
And I have found it. I have so totally found my thing. It's been hinted about for a while now, but finally I've been brave enough to try out this in other pictures than my selfportraits taken with a mobile camera.

This is really my thing. Fucking up pictures is my new sex.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Selfportrait November

Went out yesterday, wanted to puke all day today at work and all the way home I had to stop just to keep it all in. At like ten in the evening I started feeling better. So then I started taking some pictures since I wanted to go out but the shape just wasn't there.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Some movie and serie-stills that make my tummy rumble

Have cried to all of these movies and series. 
I admit it, I'm a softie just like all the rest of the girls, no matter how many Star Wars-quotes I try to memorize (hah, "try"... No need in trying when I was born with knowing it all. Bam!)

Watched The Notebook some days ago just, like, on the side while doing some photoshoping. Ended up sitting in the bed with a pillow in my lap and bloody sob. I sobbed!!

And now I've shared it with the internets. Great.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Star Wars been bought up by Disney? I'm not sure but sure.

Monday, 22 October 2012

When life gives you lemons

Had planned a cool shoot for today and gotten loads of cool clothes and stuff for it too, but the model couldn't anyway this morning and it was way too late to get someone else, so me and the stylist figured we could just make a chill day in the studio out of it instead (lucky me who knows stylists who also is models). So we just took some quick photos and had some fun while we were at it and voila, we made the best pictures I've done in a while. At least that's my personal opinion. 
I never get it, but the things I do unplanned always end up best for some reason. I guess it's just one of those things I just have to go with the flow with.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Today I wish I lived in London. Just for today.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

First half of TwoThousandAndTwelve

So these days I am trying to get back again to the life I usually have. Not the "sleep, work, eat, watch tv and go to sleep again"-thing I've been doing lately. Life is going much better - have gotten a new job I'll start in in just one week - and I have given myself a year back here in Trondheim, no matter what. So then I don't need to worry so much on not being in London and so on. This is my life the next year and that is quite allright.

So, this morning I started on my harddisc. I have a great talent at filing really stupidly and I end up with thousands of files which makes no sense whatsoever, and I have no idea where any of my pictures are.
Anyway, now I've managed to get the pictures from 2012 correctly filed and placed, and in that notion I'll celebrate by walking through January to July in pictures.
So here comes the highlights of the first half of 2012:


 The first picture of 2012 is a selfportrait of me right before hitting the town in Copenhagen

 Me and Julie went out to our regular bar one day

 And some weeks later Charlotte came to visit me!

 That night I dressed up as something only a gay man would appreciate seeing.

Us on the way in to town


 One day I thought about going out with a wig since I had a really bad hair day. I chickened out though.

 Another day I needed some eggs, so I dressed up real nice and went to the supermarket.

And at the end of the month, I went for a quick visit in Trondheim. These are my cousins when we were at a family dinner.


 Julie on St. Patricks day.

 I miss the streets of Copenhagen!

 One sunday it was nice weather so me and some new-found friends went out to the nearest park to soak it all in (in Trondheim it was metres with snow at this time of month, so I had to soak it in a thousand times more than usual!)

 Ida has such beautiful tattoo's. This is my favourite!

 Can't believe this was only March!

 Ida with her beautiful red hair

This is a house some streets away from where I lived, and I found it the perfect place to me. The windows, the climbing bush on the wall, and absolutely the number of the house (13 is, like, my number)


 April was the big moving-month. All we seemed to do was washing and packing and not sleeping. Shirin managed to be beautiful even after hours of scrubbing floors and walls.

 Me, not so much. More tired than anything else...

 We watched Sex and the City whenever we had the chance.

 And then Karianne came all the way from Trondheim to help me get all the things with me on the plane and all. That was a nighmare beyond imagination.

 Karianne and Julie making themselves pretty before going out one night

 The last day in Copenhagen we went out on a walk with our cameras, to take a break from the stress.

All of a sudden it was way dark and we hadn't gotten halfway through the packing. We ended up being awake in 27 hours straight, just packing, washing and moving and no food.


 I came fortunately home safe in the end, and the first chance I got, I went out and home to my mom and cat.

 We went on a little roadtrip to visit my grandmother.

 Kitty Dory


 And in the first month back in Trondheim, I lived to my uncle and two cousins.

 Cutest girls in the world, if you ask me.


 In June I moved in to my apartment, and went to this swimming-place as often as the sun went out (it was very rare this summer. Long live Norwegian summers)

 Me and Frida, the daughter of my friends Cecilie and Rasmus. Cutest kid ever!

 Such lovely times

Karianne and Sivert still happily in love after five years together. They are my Lily and Marshal (and I see myself as Ted, the eternal single one. Seven seasons now guys, come ON - still love it though so never stop)


 Sivert and Karianne

 Me and Charlotte went to a dress-up birthday party one night.

 The theme was "Trippy Alice in Wonderland"

 I went out to visit my mom again, and the neighbour had some cute kittens

 My grandmother with her pouty-lips on

 And then I got my Canon 5DmkII and all was good in the world again.

First test of the camera with Charlotte on the bathroom before we went out.

And that was it for this time. Will probably post more old photos soon, since I've found so many untouched pearls in this mess of a harddisc.