Friday, 30 December 2011

Second Christmas Eve

Each year me and Karianne has this tradition of getting together our gang of friends and celebrate christmas together. With everything that christmas eve has to offer. This year was no exception.
Food, cookies, cakes, candy, whine and beer, oh my! And of course - christmas-gifts! 

Me putting the gifts "under the tree" (the tree was supersmall and standing on that kitchenbench, so really I just laid the gifts on the bench. But that don't sound that christmas-y you know)

Tina and Henrik


Our christmas-tree is the sparkly thing to the left. And all around is the gifts that were supposed to be under it hehe.

The men in the kitchen making dinner. Just how we girls like it!

The evening got very intense on the camera-part with two photographers and one movie-maker

And last off, a picture of today (the christmas-eve-second-edition was yesterday), when I met Charlotte for a dinner and a movie and some more christmas-gift-openings. It was a very nice day indeed.

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