Sunday, 18 December 2011


Selfportrait of me this morning.
And in two days my morning will be pure perfection, waking up next to Karianne and laughing from the second we wake up. We do that every time. I miss her so much every day. Everybody talks about long-distance relationships with boyfriends, but OH MY the friendship-part is a thousand times worse if you ask me!

Tomorrow night I'm leaving Copenhagen to go home for Christmas. And I look so much forward to it, I don't really know where to put my feet today. I try to make the day run fast by drinking loads of coffee (always gets me c-c-crazy) and singing along to Adele. My neighbours must hate me, I don't really do it half-hearted when I'm home alone ("we could have had it aaaAAAAA-AAAAAAAALL!!!!").

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