Tuesday, 6 December 2011

City Life

So lately I've been kinda away from the internet (for like... being me). I have finally gotten a lot of hours at work, which means no time for play and all adult stuff like work every day and paying bills and eating noodles (which is maybe more like a student-thing, but oh BOY nobody really talks that much about that time AFTER your student-life and you have like a quadrillion dollahs in educational loans and hard to get a job (okayokayokay, I might not have chosen the best carreer to make it in. But still) and struggle to get it right in oh so many ways. But now it is all okay. Now I have work and hopefully I'll get a lot of money next sallary and then I will be like yay happydance you know. 

Luckily, all my workinghours are like type-o "working nine to five(whaaat a way to make a LIVING)"-ish, so I'll get home in the right time of day. Which means I have time to come up with fancy ideas for shoots and stuff. So here is my moodboard for one of my two forthcoming shoots these next couple of days before I leave Copenhagen and go home for some christmas-y weeks. 
I have faith in this one. I really really do! This might just be "the one" (once again I want to push on the fact that I don't need a boyfriend because I have fashion). The one that will hold me thight and say that everything is gonna be allright-"you are beautiful Camilla. Just the way you are". 
Okay, enough random-talk from me now. I'll post more as soon as there is something to post. Hopefully it'll be soon. I am dying a littlebit more inside for each day I don't do pictures. Oh jeeses that is bad.

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Nana said...

HAHa, you are so funny! And I love your apartment!