Monday, 28 November 2011


I ran around the whole day yesterday, cleaning and washing and making the apartment pretty and christmas-y. Not all that much christmas-y though, it is still not december (I am the christmas-nazi. You aint doing anything christmas-y in front of me before december comes, babes. That is just wrong!). But it was the first day of advent and then you have to do a little. And make a advent wreath (which it obviously is called on wikipedia even though I've never heard of it). But since I have like ZERO money right now, I had to make it myself. So yesterday, I waited 'till it got dark and ran out with my scissors and gloves and cut branches off of my neighbour's trees. I felt like the optimal creep! (Here is a victory-picture of myself afterwards)

And this resulted in a really cute and FREE "advents wreath" (still fells wrong dude). Okay, the candles wasn't free but that is like... kinda obvious you know.

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