Thursday, 10 November 2011


Here they are, the pictures from my London-trip. Now I'm really broke and it was still SO WORTH IT!
We mostly just walked around and went to pubs to drink and talk. And met up with Sarah's roomates on her dorm. So much fun, oh!

 Ww did some tourist-pictures even though we both have been there enough to kindof be over te tourist-part. It was so embarrasing, I hate being a tourist, and so does Sarah. 

London Eye and stuff

We love the tube. It is the love of our lives. Haha no just kidding. But still. It is pretty cool down there.


 We met up with some others and went from pub to pub

We talked all night long

Another tourist-picture. Check out the London-boy in the background! Didn't see him 'till after the picture was taken and I loaded it on my computer. So cute!

Me and Sarah together on a bench in London on a chilly day. I miss it so much already!

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