Monday, 28 November 2011


I ran around the whole day yesterday, cleaning and washing and making the apartment pretty and christmas-y. Not all that much christmas-y though, it is still not december (I am the christmas-nazi. You aint doing anything christmas-y in front of me before december comes, babes. That is just wrong!). But it was the first day of advent and then you have to do a little. And make a advent wreath (which it obviously is called on wikipedia even though I've never heard of it). But since I have like ZERO money right now, I had to make it myself. So yesterday, I waited 'till it got dark and ran out with my scissors and gloves and cut branches off of my neighbour's trees. I felt like the optimal creep! (Here is a victory-picture of myself afterwards)

And this resulted in a really cute and FREE "advents wreath" (still fells wrong dude). Okay, the candles wasn't free but that is like... kinda obvious you know.

I kindof liked this too. Looks like I actually have purple hair for a second there. Kinda cool. Haha.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Okay so yeah, it looks like I'm back on the self-portrait-period again. Have started on that whole "finding-thy-self"-thing (photographicly speaking) and this kind of photo kind of suits me. At least right now. It... it just makes me feel more comfortable. And that is the whole point of it isn't it. To be comfortable with your working methods. So yay me, maybe this is it. Have to just find out with a real model first. Maybe not so comfortable when I have someone else than me to work with...

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sex to the city to the LOVE you know

Evenings like these are some of the best. Me, my favourite tvshow and tea. And secret planning on secret things like christmasgifts (I'm broke which can be translated into really interesting christmasgifts for those who are getting any from me this year) and shoots. And I live in Copenhagen. What a perfect life y'all! (Oh fuck, just remembered I have like a whole apartment full of things that needs to be washed up. Scratch that last part and replace it with "What a semi-almost-there-perfect life y'all!")

Sunday, 20 November 2011

How to fuck up a picture and kindof get away with it

I wrote a whole fucking lot about these pictures in a witty and cool way, but then the internet decided to turn on me and delete everything. So now I'm like... wtf here you go, I made these pictures, I fucked them up like a true artist does and wohey, I had a really good time whilst doing it.
And will get friends soon I promise. That sentence would have been funny if you had only read my earlier text to this post, which you...didn't... so... Fuck the internet you know. Just kidding, I love it, it is my life.


Seven photobooth-pictures of myself. Sometimes I wish cameras could be as easy and careless as the photobooth-pictures. No details, no fuss, just a picture. Though always of me in this case, but if I could make pictures with models like this, just as easy and carefree, I would. Am actually concidering making a shoot with a similar-in-easyness camera, the compact film-camera I use to take random pictures with. Just to sort of strip away everything "fancy" (the little fancy that my OH SO idioticly old and disturbingly bad camera I have as a "professional" one, can make. Oh god, how is it I still have a Canon 400D. And I call myself a photographer - shame on me!). 
Stay tuned, this girl got some ideas cookin'!

Friday, 18 November 2011

My Home

Just a little glimpse again on the apartment, this time from the night's point of view. Some of them I got up at three in the morning to take. Not necessarily because it was such an amazing view that needed to be captured, more the feeling. I love the feeling these views give me and I wanted to share it. That's all.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

On my way out on town. Looking forward to it, want to find something cool and new. 
And something preferably gay and a bit tranny. Oh god!

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Here they are, the pictures from my London-trip. Now I'm really broke and it was still SO WORTH IT!
We mostly just walked around and went to pubs to drink and talk. And met up with Sarah's roomates on her dorm. So much fun, oh!

 Ww did some tourist-pictures even though we both have been there enough to kindof be over te tourist-part. It was so embarrasing, I hate being a tourist, and so does Sarah. 

London Eye and stuff

We love the tube. It is the love of our lives. Haha no just kidding. But still. It is pretty cool down there.


 We met up with some others and went from pub to pub

We talked all night long

Another tourist-picture. Check out the London-boy in the background! Didn't see him 'till after the picture was taken and I loaded it on my computer. So cute!

Me and Sarah together on a bench in London on a chilly day. I miss it so much already!

London Baby

This weekend I took a trip to London to visit Sarah. It was one of the best trips I've had ever. And yes everybody, I actually DO love London. There is no doubt that it is my favourite city of all time. The minute I got there I had the feeling I was home. That is the way it is supposed to be you know.

Will post pictures soon. But first I had to post something of myself just because you know I love you but I love me more (as Samantha in sex and the city say).

Thursday, 3 November 2011

My kitchen tonight

Two different views of my kitchen. Still very much in love with reflections!