Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Four days

So this weekend I went up to Trondheim to see friends and go to a big photo-party (my old school has this annual thing where they get big photographers to have exhibitions and classes. And at the last day of it all, we all party all night long. Of course).
Even though I was almost literally running from friend to friend for four days straight, I did have an amazing time. So many amazing friends, I wish I could have more time to see them all. 
Oh my god I love you all (and mom, if you are feeling neglected, you are considered as one of my friends)!!

├ůsta, Martine and Tuva

This is Sivert and Karianne. They are the best couple I ever know of. The night I took this picture they had their four-year-anniversary. When I was on my way to get out the door, I found them like this. Four years and they still act like they just met. I have so many wonderful stories about these two. They are my inspiration. They remind me that love like that exist. 

Went home to my (other) best friend. We had a nice night out drinking hot chokolate and looking at strange drunk people. And ended the night lying in bed watching a movie like the movie-freeks we are (it was a documentary filmed with the best and newest camera-equipment. We were like "wooooooow check that high-res-picture OUT!" But what can you do. I'm a photographer and he's studying to become a movie-director ((or something)). We are bound to jizz in our pants over something like that).

On saturday it was party-time! ├ůsta, Henrik and me at a pre-party.

Karianne and Sivert again.

Me and Siril. We used to share everything when we were younger, including chocolate milk in class (which we drank - or more like ate - a lot of!). Too bad I didn't see that much of her this weekend. But a little is more than nothing at least.

Sivert and his brother (Espen) at the party. I love this picture, it is the perfect partypicture haha.
I wonder if Sivert remember this though.

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